Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deathly Hallows, Indeed (or..."I need to stop looking at my blog reader")

Every time I refresh my blog reader I am more shocked. Maybe I shouldn't be shocked. Maybe this is a sign of the times, as they say.  Maybe the "Christian" world has just finally gone about as topsy-turvy as it can possibly go. 

But just in case you don't feel fulfilled in your walk with Christ...just in case you are looking for one more substitute for actual study of the Word of God...you can now include (wait for it) the Harry Potter Bible Study to assist you in your "study" of spiritual things.  Subtitle: "Enjoying God Through the Final Four Harry Potter Movies." 

I am not joking. I really wish I was.

I will be honest - I have not read this book (although I have seen the HP movies).  But it is $2.99 in the iTunes store, so I'm really tempted to...even though I'm pretty sure I know what  it's going to say.  

For now I just want to get this news out. I have more to say - but you'll just have to wait. Or say something yourself! ;-)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why am I not surprised?

I keep trying to think of something to say about this...but it really just speaks for itself.

And yes, that IS Joel Osteen's voice you hear welcoming Oprah over the roar of 40,000 church-goers. 
According to the Houston Chronicle, one person sitting near Oprah at church tweeted, "I'm freaking out!! I can't breathe! It smells like money and amazingness!!" 
Smells like something, all right, but it isn't "amazingness!"
Hmm! Looks like I had something to say about it after all!