Monday, April 26, 2010

"Designer Babies" - The Next Stage

Saw this blog post by Al Mohler the other day and it has really been on my mind.  The whole idea of aborting the "wrong baby" is appalling to begin with, but Mohler brings up the "bigger" issue here: the idea of using abortions as a "search and destroy" mission for babies who are somehow not what the parents want them to be.  Now it's Down syndrome up: babies who carry the markers for Autism...after that, what?  "This baby is going to have blue eyes and we want a brown eyed baby..."?

The implications are horrifying.

One more reason to continue in prayer for our unsaved (and saved) friends who are still struggling with the lie that abortion is okay...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Little "Light" Reading...

March was crazy! Between working on another Salvation video for BCM, prepping the house for sale/finding a new place to live, and trying to get all of Professional Development hours in at work, the time just FLEW by! Thankfully, we had Spring Break to allow us some time to settle down and get our heads back on straight.  And while I don't have time to write the long, enlightening blog post that I'd originally planned to write, I did want to pop in, swap howdies, and give you a little "light reading" for your free time. :-)  I'm nice like that!

We're going through Romans in our Wednesday night Bible Study, and it has been great. One of the great things we are constantly being reminded of is the amazing POSITION we have in Christ! Yes, we fight with our old nature, and yes we struggle, but isn't it comforting to remember that we are safe and secure in our salvation?!

Like I said - I'd planned on writing a long post on this, but I feel compelled to share ANOTHER blog post with you instead.  This post was written by the man who teaches our Wednesday night study, and I think you'll find it interesting, to say the least.  I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on it -- VERY. But I warn you - you may want to save it to your iPod, or print it out and read it on the bus or something - because it does require some "thinking." (gasp!)  So, click the link and get reading -- then come back here and holler-back!

In the meantime...Happy Easter!