Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Biblical Minute!

Here it is, almost 3 weeks since its arrival, and I'm just now reminding you of the next issue of The Biblical Minute! Be sure to check it out - this one has a TON of great information and helpful study tools.
Here's a teaser from the Table of Contents:
  • Page 4: The "REST" of the Story -- learning to REST and not fear!
  • Page 8: Switching Off the Bullying Gene -- quick tips for children AND church members! (Designed to be printed and posted!) 
  • Page 10: Growing Your Witness -- family tips for sharing Christ!
  • Page 12: I am NOT a Mormon -- do we stigmatize Mormonism unfairly?
  • Page 14: Who's Coming to Dinner -- reconsider what you think you know about The Lord's Table!
  • Page 18: Ring Out the New! -- "Christ makes all things new, but not all "new things" are of Christ!" 

See! I told you it was jam-packed! And these are just the main articles! There are also pages of helpful hints, valuable resources, and (for those of you who follow the Steels' travels) updates on where the ministry is headed.  You don't want to miss it!

Check it out now! The Biblical Minute.