Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rudderless Faith!

This is short and sweet, ladies!

I recently read an excerpt of a sermon by the late Pastor Dan Rodgers entitled "Noah's Ark Had No Rudder." Think about the implications: Noah's Ark - that big honkin' ark - had NO rudder. No steering mechanism!? Talk about faith! Of course, the Ark didn't NEED a rudder - it was guided by the Lord. Noah had faith that the Lord would take that Ark wherever He wanted it to go.  And here's the part that really gets me: not only was its DIRECTION guided by the Lord...its SPEED was also guided by Him.

Are you struggling with the Lord's timing right now?  Next time you start to wonder about the "speed" with which things are (or are not) happening in your life, remember Noah's Rudderless Ark and have faith in the One Who is guiding your direction AND your speed. :-)

Quit trying to steer the boat (excuse me -- ship)!